Space Monkey Toys is Closing Down Shop

Space Monkey Toys is closing down

**All remaining products will be sold via Amazon Marketplace or local conventions**

**If you are local please contact us at before purchasing from our Amazon Store**

After 5 years of doing this and traveling throughout the midwest to conventions and meeting awesome people and customers from all over, I have decided to call it quits this year.

While I enjoyed this quite a bit, at some point it just became bringing in large boxes, opening them up, and cramming them into smaller ones, leaving no time to enjoy the hobby that I probably took too far...

Meanwhile, full time jobs change, homelife changes, etc etc. Ive enjoyed it, but not as much as spending time with the family and enjoying life experiences.


Thank you all for all the support over the past 5+ years. Some of our customers were die hard loyalists and I enjoyed meeting many of you.

This was fun and I will continue to to support everyone until the end of the year 2020 for their orders or whatever you need.I am still receiving small quantities of products that are due this year. If you were expecting anything from us please contact us via email.

The email address will be usable for support long after 2020 is over so feel free to email me via our email address below or find me at a local toy convention. Ill still be collecting my TMNT!

Thanks Again!


If I still have outstanding orders with you and you need to contact me for whatever reasons please do so at the email address below.



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