Posted by Charles ORourke on

  • When will my order ship?
    • Your order will ship within 24 order after it was placed in all but very few instances. We pride ourselves in shipping your products out as fast as possible and getting them to you before anyone else is able to.
  • I placed an order more than a week ago and it did not ship yet. What gives?
    • If your order did not immediately ship, check to make sure your order was not a pre-order. We do our best to update the pre-order buttons with the ETA dates, but those dates shift frequently. Check the product family pre-order dates before sending an email.
  • None of those things are true! Where is my order!
    • Shoot us a message on the contact tab from the home page and the owner will look into it if none of those solutions worked.


  • Why do I have to pay up front for this pre-order?
    • This is a feature we desperately want to offer. Our system requires that we take payment the moment you place your order. To upgrade to a system that will not force you to pay up front would require a significant amount of money for various reasons. When a solution is viable and affordable we will implement it as soon as we can. Trust me, we will be throwing confetti all over the place and posting all sorts of stupid celebration stuff on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


  • Why did I get charged a cancellation/restocking fee?
    • All orders that are placed for a pre-ordered product requires payment up front and this reserves your product from the moment it arrives. In the event that a customer cancels a pre-order a 10% restocking fee will be charged. We hope to generate enough sales volume to remove this at a future date.