About Us

Greetings Toy Buyers and Super-fans!

Greetings Toy Buyers and Super-fans!

I am following my dream of starting my own toys/comics business and will strive to do this right with every sale. I will personally guarantee every order will be shipped as fast as possible and packed with the utmost care. I welcome all comments to help make your purchasing experience better or safer, and as always- EXCELSIOR!

Currently there are 2 full time Monkies running this show. ChadMonkey is the owner and does the website as well as 99% of the shipping, and BernardMonkey that runs the newsletter and Social Media accounts! You are always talking to one of us, but be sure to use the contact tab on the webpage if you need help as it dumps right to the owner's email inbox. We have additional support as we travel around to conventions throughout the country, but ChadMonkey is always there!

Space Monkey Toys is a Veteran Owned company and proud supporter of our troops. Semper Fi!